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Hey, I’m Amy! My two most favorite things in the world are my husband Andre and my puppy Groucho. I’m a Master Esthetician and skincare has been my forte for the past nine years! I love flexing my creativity muscles through makeup, fashion and baking/cooking. My favorite food is pizza, because its perfect— I would eat it daily (hourly, even) if it were socially acceptable. I believe that life is full of magic, that love is our highest power and I believe that no matter what, if you can see it and believe it, you can achieve it. I am passionate about skincare, makeup, cooking, positive vibes and promoting self love.


These are a few of my faves

Best of Amazon: Shopping List

Best of Amazon: Shopping List

I seriously cannot get over the fact that we are currently living in the future. We are the Jetsons, just without the flying cars (but I mean, not for long…

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