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Vitamin C

Let’s talk vitamin C. For your skin. Because it’s one of my FAVORITE ingredients ever. No, seriously. Every morning after washing my face, I slather my skin in this miracle vitamin. ???Vitamin C is an anti-aging superstar ⭐️There are different types, but my favorite for skincare is Ascorbic Acid. When you combine this vitamin C with Ferulic Acid and vitamin E, it protects your skin from environmental damage & free radicals— which are mega agers. A vitamin C blend will also help brighten your skin up (if you have pesky brown spots you’re wanting to lighten up). AND vitamin C helps your skin to create more collagen molecules. So your skin stays bright, hydrated and YOUTHFUL. My favorite vitamin C to date is @drunkelephantC-Firma Day Serum. It’s a “clean” product free of toxins and silicones, dyes and perfumes. Get yourself some vitamin C, kids! We got one face to protect, one shot at this. Invest in your skincare.☝?**I’ll post other good options for vitamin C in my instagram story.

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