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Best of Amazon: Shopping List

I seriously cannot get over the fact that we are currently living in the future. We are the Jetsons, just without the flying cars (but I mean, not for long though, right Elon?). We basically have robots living in our house (muchas gracias, Alexa), we can have face to face video chats with our friends living in another country, and we hold a mini computer right in our palms—so much more powerful than the dinosaur computers that existed ten years ago. Our smart phones are Zenon-space-girl-level future! Do we realize this?  

And of all these futuristic innovations, I must say, one that I cherish so very much, is the power we have to browse merchandise online, click a few buttons, and have that item appear on our doorstep a mere 48 hrs later. Our pilgrim ancestors would be FLOORED, just scratching their heads over this. I can’t even wrap my head around how this will continue to innovate with robot drones and same-day delivery, I’m still reeling over 2-day Prime shipping. 

If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime then you know how vital it is to life. Little bit joking, but not. TBH, if I had to choose between a subscription to Netflix or Prime, you know I’d choose that 2-day shipping. I’m on Amazon daily! Checking out a product I heard about, reading reviews, ordering pantry/bathroom essentials & wandering down the colorful Amazon rabbit hole of new never-heard-before-products. It. Is. Magical. 

So, today I want to share with you my most purchased and/or most loved Amazon buys. These have all brought me immense joy and improved my life in some way. And because I love sharing with you all the things I genuinely adore—here you go. This is me spreading the Amazon love. 

(For my full shopping list (yeah, there’s MORE!) + storefront, click here.)

Bath & Beauty:

  1. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water: I can’t tell you how many bottles of this stuff I’ve purchased. So many that I probably need to opt in for the subscription option, but I won’t (comittment issues). This stuff is KILLER. My favorite micellar water—better than Garnier, I swear (I loathe that stuff). I use it every morning as a gentle skin refresher and cleanser from my nighttime skincare + any oil that has accumulated. Micellar waters are so great for removing oil and dirt, without stripping the skin of it’s healthy natural oil. I use this in the evening to remove my makeup effortlessly, even stubborn mascara, before I wash with my cleanser. **Tip: double cleansing your face is a key to clear skin. Cleanse once to remove makeup and surface dirt, and a second to cleanse deeper into the pores. 
  2. Tinkle Razor: As girls, we all have peach fuzz on our faces. Some of us have a darker mustache areas, or a few dark hairs here and there. And we all accumulate dead skin. These razors are my most favorite for an at-home dermaplaning session. You’ve seen those incredible videos showing dead skin and peach fuzz being removed with a scalpel? It’s done in a professional setting, by a well-trained esthetician (please do NOT use a scalpel on your face at home). Tinkle razors are the answer for a less invasive, at-home treatment. You’ll be shocked at how much gunk comes off your face and how baby soft your skin will feel after. They’re safe to use and no, your hair will not come back in darker!
  3. Dry Brush: Circulation, lymphatic drainage, cellulite reducing, circulation—all reasons to incorporate a dry brush into your daily routine. 
  4. Ice Roller: You know how much I love this thing if you follow me on Instagram. Everyone needs one. Just do it already. It’s my favorite thing to use in my morning skincare routine. Tightens, de-puffs, kills bacteria.
  5. Jason’s Oil: I do not use a body lotion, I use a body oil. And I use it on the daily. When I’m fresh from the shower or bath, I slather myself in oil, give myself a mini massage and let the goodness soak in before I get dressed. I’ve found it keeps me moisturized and soft all day, so I don’t have to reapply lotion intermittently. No one has time for that. This oil is my favorite because it’s inexpensive, clean and DOES THE JOB, very well. 
  6. Facial Cups: These facial tools are so quality and so affective at promoting blood flow and circulation to your skin. Whenever I use facial cups on my skin, I immediately look more fresh, glowy and alive. 
  7. Extractor Set: I sometimes think all estheticians went into this field because we like popping zits. There I said it. It’s true! I’ve never met a skincare expert who was obsessed with it. When extracting your face, you absolutely NEED to know what you’re doing, or you’ll scar yourself. But you also need to have the right tools. This set is my absolute favorite—so many different shaped and sized loops and lancets. I also love that it comes with a little microscopic sized tweezer specifically made for pulling out blackheads. This set is it. And it’s so inexpensive. Like under $10 inexpensive.

Pantry & Supplements:

  1. Spirulina: This blue-green algae is a superfood that I add to my smoothies. The Medical Medium got me on a spirulina kick with his Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie—which led me to adding it in everywhere! It’s deemed as one of the most nutritionally dense foods. This brand is my absolute favorite! And the best bang for the buck. **If you’re trying to eat more plant based and worried about protein (don’t be!) but if you are, Spirulina is my favorite natural protein-packed supplement.
  2. Natural Calm: It’s estimated that 75% of the population doesn’t get the adequate amount of  magnesium daily. Basically, we’re all mostly low. I take this supplement daily and I can’t even tell you how much it’s helped. Magnesium helps protein synthesis, energy production, regulates muscle and nerve function—and I’ve noticed this product to help with calming my system (I LOVE it before bed) and in keeping my digestive system regular. Like, if you’re on vacation and get travel gut, take this stuff with you! You’ll be regular in no time. And NO, it’s not a laxative. It’s a very natural, gentle regularizer.
  3. Nuttzo: I won’t stop singing this nut butter’s praises. Contains a blend of seven nuts and seed (cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc) and its the best thing I’ve ever had. Not even joking. I love it in smoothies, on sandwiches, or on top of apples or dates. I’d even take a spoonful of it straight up.
  4. Four Sigmatic Golden Latte Mushroom Mix + Chai Latte Mushroom Mix: Mushrooms & adaptogens are some if the worlds most healing foods. The guys at Four Sigmatic are experts on mushrooms like reishi, cordyceps, chaga, shiitake, turkey tail & lion’s mane. They make some the most delicious brews, elixirs and lattes with them. These two lattes are incredibly delicious and support health, vitality and beauty. Drinking a warm Four Sigmatic beverage is such a happy part of my day. 
  5. Truffle Hunter White Truffle Oil: I can’t think of a better flavor than that of truffle. So rich, bodied and full of that umami. I put truffle oil on pasta, pizza, salads, roasted veggies, popcorn and avocado toast. This oil is a *frequent* purchase and a staple in my pantry. 
  6. Ashwagandha Root: The Medical Medium got me on taking Ashwagandha daily for adaptogenic/anti-stress purposes + he said it would help my hair stop shedding (after an incredibly stressful period of my life). This powerful herb supports adrenal fatigue, thyroid, metabolism, kidney and heart health + it’s power-packed full of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, vanadium & cobalt. One capsule, twice a day, and I’m a whole new ME. **Always consult your healthcare expert (but mostly your intuition) before taking a new supplement. 
  7. Traditional Medicinals Organic Peppermint Tea: Guys, peppermint tea in the evenings, after your last meal & before bed is the key to a happy gut + digestion for me. It calms my stomach and aids in proper digestion. I use this stuff daily. 
  8. Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs (Variety Pack): OMG. You Guys! These things are my absolute favorite snack. Love them for a sandwich side, for a road trip snack, for a TV-watching snack. Just always. Vegan, non-GMO, Organic, GF, simple ingredients. They have my heart! White Cheddar + Sirarcha are my MVPs. Like Cheetos, but a healthier, cleaner, non-orange-dyed, vegan version.


  1. The Alchemist: A book about passion, your life’s path and personal legend. This book is straight up magic. It’s the book I’ve read the most and helps me to come back home to myself; to remember my greatness and the fact that we all came here for a specific reason. 
  2. Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing: I’ve never read a book that made so much sense to me and gave me so much comfort about the afterlife (+ sparked a whole lot of curiosity)! This book is life changing—because the way I view life has literally changed. 
  3. Medical Medium, Life Changing Foods: This book highlights all of Anthony Williams life changing foods, explains how they heal your body and what the spiritual principle behind the food is. I love the Medical Medium’s spiritual and holistic approach to eating. His wisdom changed my life and my body. 
  4. A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose: My favorite of all Eckhart Tolle’s books. Life changing! He breaks down the stories we tell ourselves, the “identity” we attach to and how to break free of this to awaken your true self. 
  5. A Return to Love: A book about the bible + Jesus that isn’t religious. I love reading about A Course in Miracles through Marianne Williamson. This book helped me to understand Love and non judgement on a whole new level. The words are beautiful and feel like home. #marianneforpresident2020
  6. Love Warrior: A Memoir: Glennon Doyle is the ultimate truth teller and a self love powerhouse. She tells the story so many of us women live. This book is everything. Raw. Real. Vulnerable. Watch her here, then buy the book.
  7. The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself: This book is illusion-breaking. It helps to wake you up, from a sleep you didn’t know you were in. Read it. Just read it and you’ll understand what I mean. 

Kitchen Appliances & Tools:

  1. 18 oz. Glass Beverage Bottles: I juice daily. Especially celery juice. These bottles are a life saver & their origin is one of my most-asked questions in my DMs.
  2. Weck Jars: Oh Weck. This brand has my heart. I use these jars to store nuts & berries in the fridge, for homemade coconut yogurt or chia pudding. I also drink my smoothies out of them. Most favorite kitchen item, I think. (You guys ask about these A LOT!!)
  3. Nut Bag: If you don’t have juicer, this nut bag will save you when making celery juice. Just blend the celery pieces in a high-powered blender, then strain/squeeze through this bag. I also love making & walnut milk, then straining them through these.  (Tutorial HERE).
  4. Produce Bags: I’ve been trying to cut back on my single-use plastic, so I’ve been opting out of the plastic produce bags the grocery store provides and keeping my produce in these. A BIG added bonus is that these bags actually keep produce fresher for longer. Especially greens, like spinach, cilantro, kale, that tend to wilt when kept moist in the refrigerator.
  5. Omega Masticating Juicer: This juicer = everything good. If you’re committed to fresh juicing on the daily, or are curious about it, and want to really commit—this juicer is it. The best quality for the price point. It’s a slow juicer, or masticating juicer, which means it allows less oxygen in the juice. This means your juice will stay fresh and nutrient-packed longer. (I love it more than the Breville. There, I said it.)
  6. Milk Pro Professional Milk Frother: If you love making at-home lattes and you like them frothy and delicious, this milk frother is a game changer. My favorites are chai, matcha and golden milk—with walnut, oat or coconut milk. Yummmm.
  7. Reusable Metal Straws: Four things I love about this straw set: They are reusable and support environmental health (bringing straws with you to restaurants and smoothie shops is such a small act of kindness to do for Mama Earth). They make drinks taste so cold and delicious! They come in the prettiest rose gold color. And finally I LOVE the different sizes (girth) that they come in, because I will only drink smoothies through a wide straw. Smoothies through thin straws is creepy to me… This set comes with thick, thin and bended straws. Hallelujah.

Zen Den:

  1. Muscle Roller: I get UGLY knots in my shoulders and shins. Rolling my muscles out each night helps me to sleep better, reduces tension (so I get less headaches) + I’ve found that rolling my legs frequently, helps with gaining long, lean muscle. If you get shin splint knots, you know what I mean. Roll those things out!
  2. Meditation Cushion: If you’re into meditation (try, try, try!!) and you find your tailbone going numb sitting on the hard floor, a meditation cushion is so vital. I can sit so much longer & do so comfortably—which means I can get into meditation deeper, without my mind and uncomfortable body interrupting. 
  3. Goddess Oracle Cards: Oracle cards seem weird, until they don’t. I’m incredibly open minded and a huge mystic. So when I was given a reading with these cards (that was scarily accurate) I HAD to have them. Whatever brings more love, light and enlightenment to my life is always welcomed. Whatever brings pure joy is always for me. If you’re a hippie-mystic like me, these cards will change the game for you.
  4. Practice You Journal: This beautiful watercolored journal, by Elena Brower, has added so much goodness to my daily spiritual practice. This journal provides such intentional and soulful prompts. I’ve done so much deep soul searching and discovering with this little book. +It’s GORGEOUS.
  5. Palo Santo: Ah, palo santo. Holy wood. Used for centuries by shamans for healing, clearing and cleansing your spaces/body/energy. I use palo santo (or sage) daily before mediation. So so good. Interested in how?
  6. Nodpod Weighted Eye Mask: When visualizing and meditating, I love a weighted eye mask. It blocks light and distractions from entering my mental space + the weight helps to relax me. I’ve found I can get deeper into a visualization when wearing this mask. 
  7. Moleskin Notebook: I journal. A lot. I journal feelings, dreams, lists, visions, and any thought that I just want to get out. I write letters to myself. I write out my nighttime dreams in the morning upon waking (guys try this!) and have found so much healing and deep discovering doing this. These journals are my absolute favorite and I have so so so many of them. A staple in my office, backpack and nightside table. 

Happy shopping! For a FULL list of my Amazon favorites (yep, there’s even more goodness), click here. I’d love to hear how these products perform for you, let me know! Also, have an Amazon buy you’re crazy about? Share it with me! I’m always on the hunt for new amazing things.



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